November 2022 - The Story Behind "Bear in the Pines"

"Bear in the Pines"


Bear in the Pines" gives the appearance I was out in the boonies....but I hope it doesn't disappoint you to know I was not!  

The Mister and I were visiting the Big Sky Resort in Montana when this juvenile bear, apparently weaned or separated from its mother, wandered onto resort property.  With many people about, it was frightened and quickly scrambled up one of the trees on the resort property.  Bystanders excitedly gathered about to see the young bear.  But  it became apparent it was simply looking for food and was quite frightened by the people.  Respectfully, everyone backed off and gave it space so that it could relax, descend, and return safely into the forest.

But not before I was able to quickly capture this wonderful image!


Unquestionably my best selling image, this young black bear up in the pine tree speaks to the heart of many.  Black bears are very intelligent, shy, and secretive animals - actually seeing a bear in the wild is an unusual and exciting experience!  Since this moment, I've been fortunate to see many more bears and capture their images (and many of these images were indeed in the boonies!) so I feel quite blessed and fortunate. And of course I use a big zoom lens and practice caution and safety at all times, always being respectful of their personal space.